Villa Philoxenia

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This idyllic city today is bustling with activity as tourist from many countries converge to enjoy  the tropical sunlight as it licks the sand, as the salty breeze caresses the palm leaves surrounding this area. In a cozy corner very close to the city is Villa Philoxenia , a spectacular mansion converted to a Villa which is maintained  by Acrus Shipping (PVT) Ltd primarily to accommodate ships’  crew and sea marshals’ of their clients ships.

The Villa consists of full air condition six rooms with sanitized toilet, shower, hot and cold water. It can  accommodates 19 pax ship’s personnel. The spacious drawing room with chesterfield red couches to relax and side tables to keep your luggage. In the upstairs  lobby there is TV  room with comfortable leather couches to relax and watch TV. On a moonlit night the unimpeded moonlight swells over the garden area which seems to possess an eerie night elegance and a  tranquil loveliness to  this nocturnal  setting. During the day the precincts of the Villa is bathed in golden sunlight as if summers here to stay. There are a half dozen or more villas in this town, though none grander or more opulent than Villa Philoxenia.   As guests troop in any time of day or night our courteous staff receive them with stinging keenness and a welcome  drink or hot coffee. They will ask you what your needs are and make all arrangements to ensure a unforgettable experience of hospitality in true Sri Lankan style.

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